ChaiRmaN SeKu´ SpeaKz!
·We Demand $100 Trillion Dollars Reparations(with interest compounded daily)for 500+ yrs. of Slavery of Africans-in-
°This iS Your Last Notice!

°CoLoRaDo 2020 ELecTs:
(×) ChaiRmaN SeKu´
UniTeD StaTes SeNaTe
(UniTy PaRTy oF CoLo.)
"iT TaKes TeamWorK To MaKe 'The DreaM' WorK
·JoiN "TeaM SeKu´"


Memo:Black Folks ain'T goT tHe 0rganiZatioN, PoWer, Nor LanDbase To OppRess a Mosquito!...
What Do wE tHinK?...

— with SeKu Nkrumah.


Chairman Seku

° Do The Social conditions oF tHe Pain and Suffering of tHe Masses of tHe People Be so baD that they want a complete regime change of the status quo "By Any Means NecessarY!"?...

— with SeKu Nkrumah.


WorDz:ChairMaN SeKu´ SpeaKz!...
~I aM anD sHaLL reMaiN oPTiMisTi-caLLy SeLf-DeTerMineD tO aChieVe ReGiMe ChanGe oF ciTy anD cOunTy GoverNmenTz wiThin DeNveR...Da BLacK StaRz AcTioN MoVemenT-4-SeLf DeFenZe reMaiNz oN Da FronTLinE iN Da sTruGgLe tO orGaNiZe Da MaSSez oF tha' PeoPLe foR Da oVeRthRoW oF Da CraPiTaLisTic sYsTeM anD iTz aGenTz oF 2-LeGGed LanDraTz wHo cuRRenTly oCcuPy pOwER pOsiTioN wiThiN da ciTy...OrGaNiZaTioN iZ da keY daT wiLL oPeN uP da DooRz-oF-SucCezz aZ wE peRsisT wiTh aLL oF ThY miGhT tO bRinG da oPpreSsioN anD eCoNomiC eXpLoiTaTioN tO a fiNaL resTinG pLace iN da DusTbiNz -oF- HiZsTorY...We MusT oRgaNiZe... OrGaniZe...ORGANIZE!...Da MaSSeZ oF da PeopLz' aRe da onLy oNe'z wHo caN dO da worK cuZ iT iZ Too mucH WoRk foR a feW foLkz tO dO...anD oVer-TiMe We sHaLL wiN wiThouT a DouBT!...PeRioD. 

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— with SeKu Nkrumah at The Hills Church.


°ChaiRmaN SeKu SpeaKz!...
HoW Come iTz So haRd FoR Uz tO FinD waTz RiTe aBouT AfriCa anD heR soNz anD DauGhTeRz?

— with SeKu Nkrumah at Denver City Park.